Our Standards of Quality

Red Knot Racing Company is the premier endurance racing company serving Tanzania.  This is why:


Our team has over forty years of experience in international travel and twenty years in arranging travel in sub-Saharan Africa.  Combine that with more than twenty years of involvement in endurance events, and Red Knot Racing is highly qualified to offer you an incredible Tanzanian race package.  Not only is our team experienced in African travel, but we’ve been there; in fact, we’ve spent over nine years in Tanzania alone.  Red Knot Racing speaks the language, understands the culture, and knows how to make your Tanzanian holiday an experience you’ll never forget.

International Service

When you register for a race with Red Knot Racing, we are with you every step of the way.  Our staff is prepared to serve you on two continents.  Wes, your stateside coordinator, will do more than make your travel arrangements; he will fully prepare you to experience the culture and beauty of Tanzania.  Brett, your American host in Tanzania, is a Swahili-speaking endurance athlete who will accompany you throughout your entire Tanzanian journey.  Brett will welcome you at the airport, applaud you at the finish line, and guide you on spectacular rides, all the while working to make your experience a remarkable one.


Red Knot Racing Company is devoted to providing you an unparalleled Tanzanian racing journey.