Red Knot Racing Co.

Our Namesake

The red knot is a little known bird that nests in the high Arctic and winters around the globe.  Red knots are found on six continents and can travel up to six days and nights non-stop.  Some of these little flyers migrate over 18,000 miles per year.  The red knot is unparalleled as an international endurance athlete.

Our Promise

At Red Knot Racing we promise unparalleled service in international endurance racing and tourism.  We provide our racers with the opportunity to run and bike in some of the world’s most beautiful locations, both comfortably and in style. Our racing packages are all-inclusive and our itineraries are custom designed for endurance athletes addicted to travel.

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In addition to race packages, Red Knot Racing Company also custom tailors East African wildlife safaris and Kilimanjaro climbs.  Send us an email, and see what we can design just for you.

Red Knot Image used by permission from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service