Kilimanjaro Marathon 2013


“The third quarter of the marathon was perhaps more than that for which I was prepared; the seven mile climb nearly did me in.”
Almost every runner on the course

The 11th Kilimanjaro Marathon took place on March 3, 2013.  Thousands of runners descended upon the usually sleepy town of Moshi, Tanzania, though only a small fraction were present to run the full 26.2 mile event.  Many opted instead for the half-marathon or even the 5K run on the same day.  I overheard one restaurant diner at a nearby table explain to another runner, “No one runs the full marathon; that’s just crazy!”

But 242 runners did complete the full marathon on the beautiful — if not warm — Sunday morning in Tanzania.  [This writer will not comment on the sanity of said participants.]  Spectators lined the streets of Moshi town, small children giving high fives and even running alongside these heroes who had come to tackle such an impossible distance in the shadows of the tallest mountain in Africa.

The course wound its way through Moshi town until, at the halfway point, the runners began their long climb towards Mweka Gate of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park.  The scenery of life in small town Tanzania gave way to sprawling plantations of coffee and bananas almost as quickly as the road (and heart rates) climbed upward.  The views of Kilimanjaro were especially spectacular on this clear day.

Kipsang Kipkemoi of Kenya won the 2013 race in a time of 2:14:58, while his fellow countrywoman Edna Joseph finished first among the women, the clock reading 2:39:06.  [I finished just slightly behind the Kenyans with a time of — well, that’s not important, is it?]

And now I present to you the Kilimanjaro Marathon in pictures:


photo by hannahjaneb


photo by hannahjaneb


photo by hannahjaneb


photo by hannahjaneb


photo by hannahjaneb


photo by hannahjaneb


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